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Produzione Made in Italy per la vostra sicurezza

The change we are experiencing has revealed new needs, prompting us to expand our range of products and services.

This is why we have focused on new products suitable for sanitizing and disinfecting environments, surfaces, objects and clothing.

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Today we promote REA steam generators !!!   (link to the video:


REA steam cleaners are useful for any industrial, pharmaceutical, food processing , or cosmetic production plant , for degreasing and sanitization.

Steam cleaners are also used for cleaning and sanitizing of public spaces, hospitals, public transportation, hotels and welcome centers.

The large tanks allow for a long and continuous usage (thanks also to the limited water consumption).

Portable steam cleaners  are extremely versatile, due to a wide range of washing accessories.

Compact 9K model can be outfitted with a vacuum unit  on request, and if necessary a small quantity of detergent can also be added to the steam .